Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tab Samsung - Price Not all O So how to compete in Tablet PC

Tab Samsung - Price Not all O So how to compete in Tablet PC

The Galaxy Tab and Samsung, I think it's perfectly round Tablet PC, even if the price is right. Now I see that have recently arrived in the Samsung Tab 10.1, according to the size of the iPad. And I think - why?

Then one night, I sat there and watched TV with my kids. We do not have TiVo, so we have to tolerate advertising. And for commercial fraud in the future. Those interested in commercial refrigerators, right? But this is kind of cool.

You can be fashionable. A betrayal Some interesting features of the application for the cold. Thus, avoidance of Samsung and application!

Talk about embracing and growing!

The acquisition of new technology or existing technology to maximize. And when you think you have used instead, create applications for other opportunities. What is the concept?

It was then that I realized, Samsung is bright enough.

So maybe your marketing strategy to create the world in competition with Apple to enter the Tablet PC and Ace - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, followed immediately by a wild card (what other people from the beginning), Samsung Tab 10 , and.

Pretty good strategy if you ask me.

Page Samsung comes with its own version of the Tablet PC. But the truth is that the Tablet PC can play flash video. Therefore, it launched the iPhone, they do so.

How big? Small enough to fit in your pocket.

It makes little sense. If you only want the biggest iPhone, why not just get a real computer? laptop or tablet PC. If you want a small team, why not have a smartphone? At present, the telephone average is more or less as a small computer.

Therefore, for the Apple iPhone is exploding in size and is actually adding the program iPad Tablet PC Tablet PC market. In fact, it does nothing to change the effective mobility of the Tablet PC. iPad is smaller and lighter than a good tablet computer.

So Samsung is smart when they do what they do. They brought a new dimension to the magnitude of the computing world - literally, for the Galaxy Tab, in particular the right size for a better view and better manageability.

Consider this: there is only so much you can do to compete in markets where the most beautiful, smart companies with access to technology. Indeed, any attempt to make your computer faster, stronger, more battery of memory, and more.

And that application? If the Apple App Store, but all others have access to market. And others to bring their applications to market access.

Samsung to do something so simple, smart, people are given more options. Especially people like me have a laptop / tablet, the iPhone, but do not want to spend $ 500, along with my application and my tablet. But to make it smaller and more mobile, but the size of my phone - I'm sold!

That's why Galaxy Tab Tablet PC correctly. And it's cheaper than the iPad. Why follow the Tablet PC and the full version of the iPad?

Start from the beginning I said, embrace and extend. Samsung seems to be good to do. Yao put the program in the kitchen equipment was evolving. They come with their own version of the iPhone, but better, is completely open.

How the NIV better than Samsung 10.1 iPad? It's thin, lightweight, and can do more. Samsung really make full use of technology to improve their products.

And as Nokia continues more options to people what they want, which will remain our business. With the Galaxy Tab and Tab 10.1, Samsung has shown how to lead the tablet market. I was curious to see what they bring to each other!

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