Friday, April 27, 2012

Tablet PCs Chinese Android

Tablet PCs Chinese Android

NPC here, it seemed that everyone had one of these days. Sit down to eat bread in Oviedo at any time, or order a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and see people watching the magic mirror screen, write updates on Facebook, tweets, enjoy video on YouTube and throwing deep anger bird without wings, The pork green take much effort and risk. Unfortunately, not everyone could afford some renowned brands, including several Samsung and Motorola. But many people buy the tablets from a niche market, offering quality, high performance PC tablet to check some of the United States: China Android tablet market.

Now some of us here in the West some of the concerns about products made in China. Many of the mistaken belief that China-made products that are "reasonable" will also be low. commercial off the price of quality is fostered in our young age, and the old adage: ". You are what you pay for "motto is reinforced by traditional retailers, described in advance that they are able to fix reasonable prices for their products not they can convince the public that their products are the best or most popular out there.

But it is an important difference between the U.S. and China, which often gets lost in translation (if at all). Chinese manufacturers compete with foreign international people are hard to find for them since most of the yuan with others. The competition, which examine themselves and learn in a very efficient way. For example, Ainola, manufacturer, Novo 7-series, the origin of their unique CPU and GPU xburst by other manufacturers in China, as some of its parts. Since China has the infrastructure sector, which can keep costs to a competitive advantage. Therefore, new marketing techniques, which pass along the savings to their customers. Think about it.

Another important difference between us and the China market is the fact that while most of us tech companies to develop export and international brands in mind from day one, the Chinese company that appears in reality. To survive, manufacturers of Tablet PCs in China and developing and manufacturing products that are affordable and minimalize difference in the quality and performance of the hit U.S. $ 100 in China and build up to U.S. $ 250 the Droid, for example. Local tablets containing not only cheaper but must be in the video without jumping birds, batteries, and anger past, and are playing 1080p smooth as local materials to a foreign person.

I am not an economist, but I think you need to make a point. Yes, there are some unscrupulous companies to pass the "spin-off" of the most popular synthetic drugs, especially in the shadow ISPs that are advertised as "more actions". But there is a wide selection of China's PC built with pure Android tablet with no competition as strong as the others on the market. Most models do as well or better than brand-pill at a fair price.

As icing on the cake, you will see the most Chinese of compressed video is very difficult, too, so it will not attract any famous look when you move the coffee shop next visit.

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